How to Installing Mainsail OS

How to Installing Mainsail OS


  • Download and install the latest Raspberry Pi Imager.

Flashing MainsailOS

When opening Raspberry Pi Imager you will be presented with the following:
Raspberry Pi Image Launched

Select “CHOOSE OS”, and a pop-up will open as illustrated below.

Scroll down to “Other specific-purpose OS”

Raspberry Pi Imager Specific Purpose OS

Select “3D printing”

Raspberry Pi Imager Choose 3D Printing

Choose your preferred 3D printing OS (Mainsail for sure)

After that is done click “STORAGE” and select your desired SD card.

Hostname, Wi-Fi, language and numerous other settings can now be scrolled through and preconfigured in a setup menu, opened by clicking on the little cogwheel in the right corner.

Optional: Setup your preferred hostname

Change your password, this step is highly recommended!

If you want to use WiFi instead a wired connection, please configure your WiFi accordingly.


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