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E3D Revo Brass Nozzle

E3D Revo Brass Nozzle

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Experiment with different nozzle diameters

Changing nozzles in the RapidChange Revo system is quick and easy. You don't need any tools and you can simply change the nozzle with your fingers at room temperature. So you can quickly and easily experiment with different nozzle sizes and try your hand at ultra-fine or ultra-thick line widths. Even large objects can be printed in a very short time, just like small models with high resolution.

Frustration-free 3D printing

Each Revo nozzle is a combination of nozzle and heat break, so no dangerous hot tightening is necessary and there is no possibility of incorrect assembly. Say goodbye to frustrating hotend leaks and enjoy reliable 3D printing!

Fast nozzle identification

You can see the different nozzle sizes at a glance thanks to a colour-coded silicone sock. In addition, each Revo nozzle is engraved with its size in a legible manner.

Warning: Revo nozzles are not compatible with V6 heater blocks.

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