VORON Trident Motion Kit

VORON Trident Motion Kit

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The VORON Trident 3D Printer Motion Kit is a comprehensive set of components designed to assembly your 3D printer and take it to the next level. This kit includes everything you need to assembly your 3D printer, including a high-torque stepper motor, a dual-axis linear rail system, a high-precision belt drive system.

With this kit, you can achieve higher speeds, better accuracy, and smoother prints. The kit also includes all the necessary hardware and instructions for easy installation. With the VORON Trident 3D Printer Motion Kit, you can take your 3D printing to the next level and create amazing prints with ease.


  • GT2 Open Belt LL-2GT-6 (6mm wide) x 6 meters
  • GT2 20T (6mm wide) Pulley (5mm bore) x 3
  • GT2 20T (6mm wide) Toothed Idler (5mm bore) x 2
  • F695 Bearing x 20
  • 5x30mm Shaft x 1
  • GE5C Spherical Bearing x 3
  • Linear Rail MGN12H for X Axis x 1
    • 250x250: build 300mm
    • 300x300 build: 350mm
    • 350x350 build: 400mm rails
  • Linear Rail MGN9H for Y Axis x 2
    • 250x250 build: 300mm
    • 300x300 build: 350mm
    • 350x350 build: 400mm
  • Linear Rail MGN9H for Z Axis x 3
    • All builds: 300mm
  • Integrated Lead Screw/Stepper Motors - 300mm, 2/4/8mm pitch x 3
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